Executive Search

Recruiting executives for one's own company is a challenging and sensitive task. The expectations on the new jobholder can be high and complex, reducing the number of potential candidates. Therefore, if you want to fill a position with the greatest possible discretion or if you are in a very narrow segment of your market, direct approach of candidates is the strongest instrument of personnel search. Thanks to our extensive contacts and experience, we work very successfully in this field. Due to our network and expert knowledge, we are able to inspire top performers to take on a new role and join your company. We can convince not with the promise of a better position, but with the story of an optimal career decision.
  • 100% anonymous and confidential
  • Personal approach by means of a confidential network
  • Contacts up to the highest management levels in medium-sized companies and corporate groups
  • Regular reviews of the search process

Contact person

Patric Heberlein, Personalvermittlung von Heberlein Consultants

Patric Heberlein

Tel. +49-89-21528687-7
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